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Michael Gronager

Cofounder & CEO, Chainalysis

“Is a Ph.D. the new MBA? It might be. I’m not afraid of problems that are way too big.”

Propelled by the belief that in 5-20 years all value transfer will occur over the blockchain, Michael and his co-founders Jan and Jonathan started Chainalysis in 2014. The New York-based Dane has been drawn to vast and vaguely defined questions his whole life - evidenced by him spending 8 years earning an MSc in Chemical Engineering and a Ph.D. in Quantum Mechanics. Bridging financial institutions and blockchain exchanges is indeed a very big problem and Michael’s excitement around solving it is unwavering. “More or less everything that we really value as items and functionality has been built by startups. The spirit of invention is infectious.”

Amir Bousany

CEO, R-Go Robotics

“We envision a future where autonomous machines and robots become ubiquitous and a large part of our daily lives. Enabling them to sense, understand, and navigate their surroundings with an unprecedented level of sophistication is what we do at R-Go Robotics. We call it Intelligent Autonomy.”

R-Go Robotics is pioneering an artificial perception technology that enables mobile robots to understand complex surroundings and operate autonomously just like humans.

Erifili Morfidis & Charlotte Gummesson

Co-Founders, Co-CEOs, iRestify

“Co-founder partnerships are a powerful, unstoppable force. As serial entrepreneurs, together we have launched and scaled technology-driven service businesses across 3 continents and transformed an industry. Now, we’re at it again scaling iRestify.

iRestify is modernizing facilities management and bringing it into the digital age. iRestify is the only B2B tech platform that connects facilities managers to service operators in real-time for end-to-end workflow management, instant quotes, real-time bookings, invoices, picture sharing, and GPS tracking of services.

James Cox

CEO, The Routing Company

“People first. What’s most critical to me as a leader is putting people first. Strategy, data, insights, projects, and goals will come and go in life, but the people we work with will not. People build companies.”

“Coxy” joined Routable AI co-founders Menno van der Zee and Alex Waller to make mass transit feel like teleportation. Routable AI is building the products (mission control dashboard, rider app, driver app) with a significant technical edge to dynamically route high-capacity vehicles in real-time. The time is now for on-demand shuttles and Routable AI is helping transform mass transit to serve its riders better in the 21st century.

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