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Michael Gronager - Founder & CEO

The world’s most comprehensive cryptocurrency investigation and transaction monitoring solutions.


Bart Heilbron - CEO

The world’s simplest and most accessible customer data platform for marketers.

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Acquired by Vista Equity Partners


Anshu Agarwal, CEO and Co-Founder
Rodric Rabbah, PhD, CTO and Co-Founder

Cloud-agnostic, developer-friendly serverless cloud platform.

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Acquired by Digital Ocean

RGo Robotics

Amir Bousani - Founder & CEO
Nizan Horesh - Founder & CTO
Assaf Agmon - Founder & VP R&D

Artificial perception technology that enables mobile robots to understand complex surroundings and operate autonomously just like humans.

Micropsi Industries

Ronnie Vuine, Founder & CEO
Dominik Welland, Founder & CTO
Priska Herger, Founder & Research and Development

Enabling a new level of autonomy and flexibility in industrial robotics.


Aman Gour - Founder & CEO
Shashank Gondala - Founder & CTO

Automating software testing through AI agents.


Joe Essenfeld - Founder & CEO
Zack Elian - Founder & Head of Product

Artificial intelligence designed for the C-suite.


Fran Brzyski - Founder & CEO
Matt Ring - Founder & Head of Product

Your customer voice re-imagined.


Austin Emser - Founder & CEO
Josh Horowitz - Founder & CTO

AI-driven insights and automation for customer support.


Vivek Ramavajjala, CEO & Founder

Accurate and actionable weather intelligence using state-of-the-art AI models.


Mark Feldman - Founder & CEO
Milenko Beslic - Founder & CTO

The industry's largest and most accurate B2B database for marketing and sales.


Sravish Sridhar - CEO

Automating security questionnaires and compliance to accelerate revenue and earn trust.


Peter Lee - CEO
Ingo Mierswa - Founder

Our unified data science platform accelerates the process of creating predictive analytics models and makes it easy to embed results into business applications.

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Investment made by Nilanjana Bhowmik at Longworth Venture Partners
Acquired by Altair


Aaron Painter - Founder & CEO

Identity verification flows loved by users, hated by bad actors.


Shreesha Ramdas, CEO & Co-founder
Manish Kumar, CTO & Co-founder

Efficiency meets construction. Lumber integrates siloed workflows of time tracking, payroll, job costing, and project management with AI and automation.


Akshat Thirani - Founder & CEO
Philip House - Founder & CTO

Radically simple machine monitoring to digitally transform any factory.


Harris Ferrell - CEO

Technology that makes prisons safer, cheaper and more effective.


Stacey Hronowski, Founder & CEO

ERP and seed-to-sale compliance platform for cannabis cultivators, distributors, and manufacturers.

Bitpart AI

Jeff Orkin, Co-Founder & CEO
Sarah Rudzki, Co-Founder & CPO

Bringing the power of generative AI to the video games industry.


Matthew Covi - Founder & CEO
Chase Neinken - Founder & CRO
Ryan Salerno - Founder & CTO

Empowering the world's leading banks, credit unions, and lenders with a financial guidance platform for the digital age.

Civ Robotics

Tom Yeshurun, Founder & CEO
Liav Muler, Founder & COO

Autonomous land surveying robots trusted by some of the biggest in the construction industry.


Jonah Lopin - CEO & Founder
John Osborne - CTO & Founder

Software-driven competitive intelligence for sales, marketing, product, and executive leadership teams.


Alejandro Lozdiejski - Founder & CEO
Martina Möring - Founder & COO

End-to-end solution for merchants selling personalized products online.


Nicola Staub - Founder & CEO

Platform for prevention and mitigation of digital payments fraud.


Tony Jaros - CEO

Network of executives delivering game-changing insider insights to enterprise sellers and marketers.

Employee Cycle

Bruce Marable - Founder & CEO
Salas Saraiya - Founder & CTO

Single pane of glass for data-driven HR.


Razi Raziuddin - Founder & CEO
Xavier Conort - Founder & CPO

Data-centric AI solution that radically simplifies feature engineering for data scientists.

Flipside Crypto

Dave Balter - Founder
Jim Myers - Founder

Business intelligence for blockchain organizations.


Steven Plappert - founder & CEO
Logan Burchett Founder & COO

FP&A automation, data integration, and collaboration.


Berk Serbetcioglu - Founder & CEO

Discord-native platform for talent discovery and management.


Jason Hines, Founder & CEO
Garth Griffin, Founder & CTO

Spreadsheet in the front. Big data in the rear.

Hedgehog Foods

Jamie Balsillie, Co-Founder & CEO
Wilson Ruotolo, Co-Founder & CTO

Robotic fungi farms - automated, optimized, and sustainable.

Help Scout

Nick Francis - Co-Founder & CEO

Help Scout makes customer support tools that keep customers happy as you grow.


Ben Forgan - Founder & CEO
Pat Wilbur - Founder & CTO

A global cellular platform for IoT.


Grace Ge - CEO

Driving a new paradigm in product design through AI and 3D printing.


Karl Sowa - CEO
Charlotte Gummesson - Founder

Bringing the facilities management industry into the digital age.


Joe Essenfeld - Founder & CEO

Build a better talent pipeline with Jibe’s candidate experience platform.

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Investment made by Nilanjana Bhowmik at Longworth Venture Partners
Acquired by iCIMS

Loci Controls

Peter Quigley - CEO

IoT climate tech for methane emissions reduction.


Elery Pfeffer - Founder & CEO

Nift gifts drive net-new customer acquisition for partners’ 35M+ audience.


Bob Walmsley - CEO
Barry Morris - Founder

The only database that can maintain transactional consistency and integrity at global scale.

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Investment made by Nilanjana Bhowmik at Longworth Venture Partners
Acquired by Dassault Systemes

Podium Data

Paul Barth - CEO

The first pre-integrated solution for managing and preparing enterprise data, from initial ingestion through data delivery to users.

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Acquired by Qlik


Darrian Mikell - Founder & CEO
DeSean Prentice - Founder & CTO

Eliminating friction for recruiters and candidates with asynchronous screening.


Cara Borenstein - Co-Founder & CEO
Theo Marin - Co-Founder & CTO

Supercharging developer productivity with a notepad purpose-built for developer workflows.


Alex LoVerde - CEO & Co-Founder
Brett Beaulieu-Jones - Co-Founder
Jeff Impey - Co-Founder

Professional software designed for how production teams work.

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Acquired by Entertainment Partners

The Routing Company

James Cox - CEO
Menno van der Zee - Founder & COO
Alex Wallar - Founder & CTO

Fleet management for on-demand shared cars, shuttles, and buses based on a revolutionary dynamic vehicle routing engine.


Pete Khanna - CEO

Workflow software for business. A low-code platform to deliver customized web & mobile workflow apps quickly & easily.

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Investment made by Nilanjana Bhowmik at Longworth Venture Partners
Acquired by Primus Capital


Alex Taub - Founder & CEO

The easiest way to start and manage a DAO.


Leonid Shtilman - Co-Founder & CEO

Remove local administrator privileges from business users and control applications on Windows endpoints and servers.

Investment made by Nilanjana Bhowmik at Longworth Venture Partners
Acquired by CyberArk


Michael Yaroshefsky - Founder & CEO

Leading product development planning software.


Doug McNary - CEO
Alex Bakman - Founder

The leading provider of performance and capacity management products for VMware, Microsoft and Red Hat virtualized infrastructures.

Investment made by Nilanjana Bhowmik at Longworth Venture Partners
Acquired by Quest Software/Dell


Leading provider of web application vulnerability assessment and compliance solutions.

Investment managed by Maia Heymann at BancBoston Ventures
Acquired by IBM


Susan Hunt Stevens - Founder & CEO

Empowering employees through purposeful work.

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Acquired by Bonterra


Jikku Venkat - Founder & CEO
Jason Story - Founder & VP of Business Development

Helping employees, managers, and HR proactively manage the hybrid work experience.


Izak Shoshana - Founder & CEO
Amit Resh - Founder & CTO

Biosecurity platform for the prediction, early detection, & prevention of diseases in livestock.


Patrick Larsen - Founder & CEO

Simplifying DeFi, NFT, and cryptocurrency taxes for investors and tax professionals.


Apurv Bansal - Founder & CEO
Saurabh Agrawal - Founder & CTO

Seamlessly automating the entire quote-to-cash cycle, starting with billing, accounting, usage metering, payments, and receivables management.