Our Investment Thesis

We believe the next wave of digital transformation will be fueled by three major themes:

Digital Meets Physical.

Radical innovation will occur at the intersection of digital and physical. Data science, sensors, generative+additive, will lead to design re-think of the physical world, fueling the transformation of asset intensive industries like manufacturing, transportation, construction and logistics.

Intelligent Automation.

Next-generation automation will transcend predictable and repetitive tasks, becoming dynamic and adaptable, opening up new frontiers for what can be done by machines. Cognitive, collaborative and commoditization will underpin the widespread adoption of robotics.

New SW Infrastructure.

The enabling technologies on top of which tomorrow's applications will be built will evolve rapidly through advances in AI, quantum and edge. Brand new fundamental computing architectures will emerge that break from the status quo of the last few decades.

Entrepreneur Features

Anshu Agarwal

Cofounder and CEO, Nimbella

“I’ve been a part of four successful start-ups. Each time, the team’s enthusiasm to build a groundbreaking product and the nimble, family-like culture were formidable forces. With Nimbella, I find the same forces propel us every day as we build a great company.”

Cloud is complicated and Nimbella Serverless Cloud makes it simple and easy for any developer to build and run cloud-native applications - stateless and stateful. It enables the developer to focus only on business logic and leave the infrastructure burdens to Nimbella, resulting in lower development costs and faster time to revenue.

Amir Bousany

CEO, R-Go Robotics

“We envision a future where autonomous machines and robots become ubiquitous and a large part of our daily lives. Enabling them to sense, understand, and navigate their surroundings with an unprecedented level of sophistication is what we do at R-Go Robotics. We call it Intelligent Autonomy.”

R-Go Robotics is pioneering an artificial perception technology that enables mobile robots to understand complex surroundings and operate autonomously just like humans.

Peter Lee

CEO, RapidMiner

“Boston is gritty, grounded and grinding. This town believes in lots of elbow grease and an emphasis on the fundamentals of building terrific businesses.”

With this mindset and a proven ability to operate at all levels of the growth curve, Peter joined RapidMiner two years ago. The company has quickly established itself as the leading open-source data science platform, an accomplishment Peter credits to teamwork. It’s this ability to collectively outperform that delivers results and a “temporary euphoria - until we climb the next mountain”. Named a Gartner Magic Quadrant leader, this team is making its mark in Boston.

Michael Gronager

Cofounder & CEO, Chainalysis

“Is a Ph.D. the new MBA? It might be. I’m not afraid of problems that are way too big.”

Propelled by the belief that in 5-20 years all value transfer will occur over the blockchain, Michael and his co-founders Jan and Jonathan started Chainalysis in 2014. The New York-based Dane has been drawn to vast and vaguely defined questions his whole life - evidenced by him spending 8 years earning an MSc in Chemical Engineering and a Ph.D. in Quantum Mechanics. Bridging financial institutions and blockchain exchanges is indeed a very big problem and Michael’s excitement around solving it is unwavering. “More or less everything that we really value as items and functionality has been built by startups. The spirit of invention is infectious.”

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