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David McFarlane

President & COO, Litmus

"Whether the business outcome is an IPO, an acquisition - or a lack of traction - if you’ve learned, you’ve succeeded. I have lived all of these experiences and carry the learnings forward not only to my current role but also to my involvement with Help Scout. I've spent my career in SaaS businesses and by spotting patterns early and discussing with Nick, he's able to anticipate opportunities and avoid some mistakes. Our goal is to optimize resources and smooth the growth cycle; in the process, I get exposed to and learn from another business. It’s just a great experience."

Michael Weider

CEO, Clearwater Clinical

"In my experience, good people running startups are looking for just as much advice and help as they can get. Although I’ve spent most of my career as an entrepreneur, and am again, I find being a Venture Partner quite fulfilling. I’ve talked through strategy where my enterprise tech background is applicable and made connections to the right people at the right time. As an entrepreneur, that’s how you accelerate your growth."

Peter Mckay

President & COO, Veeam Software

“When I was getting started in my career, I looked to more experienced people for help and advice - I’m happy to return the favor. It often takes a team to get the big decisions right; my involvement with Blaze was around key inflection points for the business including partnerships, strategic resource allocation and eventually introductions to potential acquirers. It worked well, and we had a lot of fun - isn’t that what it’s all about?”

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