Investment Opportunities in Bitcoin Security:
Converge in Bitcoin Market Journal

Boston Crypto had its second meetup on October 18th. As co-organizer, we are especially interested in accelerating the collective knowledge within the community around blockchain and the crypto application as this tech offers not only investment opportunities but will also enable entirely new industries.

This meetup revolved around the burgeoning Bitcoin/Crypto security space – how to think about it, who’s doing it and results to date. As Bitcoin Market Journal nicely summarized:

“Investors would do well to look into blockchain surveillance technologies. For example, companies like Chainalysis and Elliptic provide “blockchain intelligence,” allowing easier tracking of bad actors as they leave a digital trail. As governments and law enforcement want to know who’s moving money through these dark corners of the web, blockchain surveillance companies will become increasingly valuable in providing that information.”

Boston was built for blockchain development. We love us some math, hard tech, innovation, and finance not to mention software development and security. Therefore, it’s not surprising that these events move to waitlist status quickly. To attend future events, you can join the group here: Boston Crypto Traders, Investors, and Entrepreneurs.