Austin Emser - Founder & CEO
Josh Horowitz - Founder & CTO

AI-driven insights and automation for customer support.

Central Casting AI

Jeff Orkin, Co-Founder & CEO
Sarah Rudzki, Co-Founder & CPO

Bringing the power of generative AI to the video games industry.


Razi Raziuddin - Founder & CEO
Xavier Conort - Founder & CPO

Data-centric AI solution that radically simplifies feature engineering for data scientists.


Jason Hines, Founder & CEO
Garth Griffin, Founder & CTO

Spreadsheet in the front. Big data in the rear.

Micropsi Industries

Ronnie Vuine, Founder & CEO
Dominik Welland, Founder & CTO
Priska Herger, Founder & Research and Development

Enabling a new level of autonomy and flexibility in industrial robotics.


Lin Kayser, Founder & CEO
Michael Gallo, Founder & CTO
Duy-Ayn Fahm , Founder & Director of Design

Driving a new paradigm in product design through AI and 3D printing.

RGo Robotics

Amir Bousani - Founder & CEO
Nizan Horesh - Founder & CTO
Assaf Agmon - Founder & VP R&D

Artificial perception technology that enables mobile robots to understand complex surroundings and operate autonomously just like humans.


Sravish Sridhar - CEO

Automating security questionnaires and compliance to accelerate revenue and earn trust.


Jonah Lopin - CEO & Founder
John Osborne - CTO & Founder

Software-driven competitive intelligence for sales, marketing, product, and executive leadership teams.


Bob Walmsley - CEO
Barry Morris - Founder

The only database that can maintain transactional consistency and integrity at global scale.

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Investment made by Nilanjana Bhowmik at Longworth Venture Partners
Acquired by Dassault Systemes

Podium Data

Paul Barth - CEO

The first pre-integrated solution for managing and preparing enterprise data, from initial ingestion through data delivery to users.

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Acquired by Qlik


Peter Lee - CEO
Ingo Mierswa - Founder

Our unified data science platform accelerates the process of creating predictive analytics models and makes it easy to embed results into business applications.

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Investment made by Nilanjana Bhowmik at Longworth Venture Partners
Acquired by Altair

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